ESP32 Weather Log 6

November 8, 2023 – Back at it

  • Added display.begin() command when searching for WiFi to fix screen occasionally not turning on when powered by 12v supply. This was caused by the ESP32 booting up before the screen could turn on, so the initial display.begin was sent to an off screen. A more graceful solution could replace, as this fix causes the screen to flash when searching for WiFi.
  • Added pc fan to mimic wind. Works decent. RPM tach readout still needs fixing.
  • Mounted everything to wall in prep for making case
  • Work to eliminate relay. Mosfet (RFP30N06LE) worked well for adding fan. Test water pump and mister. Look into replacing 555 timer with Mosfet driven by ESP32 creating the PWM 108khz.

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